Lido San Giuliano la Spiaggia
Lido San Giuliano la Spiaggia
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The 4 beaches

  • Maestrale
  • Tramontana
  • Scirocco
  • Libeccio

A beach and a bay facing north and caressed by a light sea breeze. The heart of the Lido San Giuliano Village is the beach with its 4 establishments named after the four winds: Maestrale, Tramontana, Scirocco, Libeccio.

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bar/restaurants with panoramic terrace
Chiringuitos on the beach
Your beach in formula villaggio

Large spaces have their importance

Lido San Giuliano, the place where large spaces count: the 1000 umbrellas distributed evenly over 22000 square meters allow for a very large walkable area per capita, approximately 22 square meters per umbrella and more enriched by platforms, walkways, signage signs to enter widely and easily in complete safety inside the facility and therefore to access the numerous services offered in complete safety thanks to the private security service of Lido San Giuliano.

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Quality, courtesy and safety

Our beach restaurants offer large spaces, exclusive terraces, reserved areas in front of the games for the little ones and are the best solution for relaxing lunches and dinners by the sea.
We take care of everything, enjoy your holiday
The details that make the difference
  • Relax by the sea

    For those who love to experience the beach under the sun a few steps from the shoreline, the Lido is equipped with a special and exclusive area: an area by the sea completely dedicated to sunbeds, equipped with nebulizers (temporarily suspended due to DPCM AntiCovid ).

  • Pets

    Pets, today life companions of many people, are welcome at Lido San Giuliano, in fact we have created an area that is dedicated exclusively to them which is located in the northern part of the bathing complex with a fountain for the exclusive use of our pets

  • Wi-Fi internet

    For those who need to stay connected at all times, for leisure or for work, the entire beach of Lido San Giuliano from the seafront line of the restaurants to the shoreline is covered by the free wired fiber Wi-Fi network.

Some numbers of the largest bathing complex on the Rimini Riviera
  • 3 bars / restaurants with panoramic terrace
  • 3 chiringuiti on the beach (little bars by the sea)
  • 1.000 umbrellas
  • 2,500 sunbeds
  • 108 cabins
  • 4 hotspots for free Wi-Fi wired in fiber
  • 20 bathrooms
  • 4 nursery
  • 8 hot showers in the cabin
  • 32 outdoor showers
  • cleaning and sanitizing service of services and showers active H24
  • 8 nebulisers with high input of refreshing water by the sea and wire-diffusion music
  • 4 front office (Maestrale, Tramontana, Scirocco, Libeccio)
  • 13 beach tennis, beach volleyball and foot volleyball courts, 10 of which are illuminated for evening tournaments
  • 2 soccer fields (1 on synthetic and 1 on sand)
  • 1 tennis court
  • 1 basketball court
  • 4 bocce courts

Live the summer with us!